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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Network Access Control and why you shouldn’t read blogs…

Reading blogs is about as useful as watching the Bill O’Reilly show. I know that writing about blogs being useless on a blog is silly. I think that gathering information and reading other people’s opinion isn’t necessarily always bad but how do you determine the credentials of the person whose opinion you are reading?

I was forwarded a link to a blog earlier today and after reading it I was pretty disappointed that NetworkWorld would have someone blogging on their site that obviously had only worked in a sales or marketing role. Not that there is anything wrong with sales or a marketing person but let’s be honest, they don’t necessarily know everything there is to know about actually implementing a solution.

This specific person is the same guy that in 2002 said that IDS/IPS was a failed and dead technology, then a year or so later goes and works for a IDS/IPS company. Obviously he is a man of vision. Anyway, it just made me think of how many people may read this person’s blog and get a very incorrect view of NAC and what it does and what it is capable of.

Be careful what you read because who knows who wrote it.

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