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Sunday, February 17, 2019

Everyone else knows more…

I have a theory. I believe it is shared by many others, and I have probably written on it before, but just in case, here it is. The more someone says they know, the less they do, and the opposite. This is my Imposter Syndrome thesis. There are many blogs on this phenomenon, and we discuss it regularly as a community. That is not what this post is about though.

There are also many people trying to help new people get into the information security industry despite this feeling. While we work to recruit more people, one of the things I try to make sure they understand is that this is not a static field. You can not learn something once and feel confident that it will not change as soon as tomorrow.

So how do you keep up with all of the changes and advances in Information Security and our adversaries tactics and techniques? There are many approaches to this, but here is mine.

I find that I have to use multiple technologies and communities to keep myself abreast of what is going on, and where I need to spend more time and focus. I use RSS, Twitter, online groups and in-person meetups, with each providing different things to my overall understanding of what is going on.

For those unfamiliar with RSS, it is basically a way to compile updates from websites you are interested in. There are different RSS readers or applications you can use to bring your feeds together, and after the death of Google Reader I don’t know that any one is better than another. I have everything from corporate sites/blogs, personal InfoSec blogs, to news sites, so I don’t have to go to each one to see if there is anything new for me to see. There are a ton of sites out there, so having one dashboard to view them all in saves me a lot of time.

I also use Twitter pretty heavily to find updates that aren’t on my RSS, and also for things that are more current. It is kind of like email (RSS) versus text message (Twitter). Find people that are part of the community and start following. You will find more and more people and companies to follow that can help you keep up with the latest in vulnerabilities, data breaches and adversary techniques.

I also am a big believer in IRL (In Real Life) meetups, and community sharing. As you build up your relationships and friendships you may find that you join slack or keybase groups that share your interests. These can be incredibly helpful in helping you learn and stay current in Information Security, or whatever field you are interested in.

If you have a Defcon group, or other InfoSec group near you, attend the meetups. I have not been to an InfoSec meetup yet that was full of great people who were willing to help out people they had just met. Attending conferences helps with this as well. The BSides conferences are run across the planet and we are at a point where it is harder to find conferences not to go to, because there are so many available.

To wrap this up, there are so many ways to keep yourself up to date and learning everyday that you don’t have to pick just one. Find what works for you and don’t forget to engage with the community. There is no shortage of people willing to mentor and help others grow and learn.

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