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Thursday, April 5, 2018

Another week, another…

Every week I wake up to news of a breach, or that a previous breach’s headcount has increased, or there is a new attack. We are still living in a digital wild west, where security sheriffs try and protect their town, but marauding bands of thieves continue to pillage with almost no risk of being prosecuted. Time to pull ourselves up from the latest news and get back to protecting our users.

Here are a few stories from this week that made the headlines and drove home the point that we have to do better.

After all of the news about Facebook giving access of user’s data to third party companies, which was then used against those user’s, the hits keep coming with the number of user’s impacted rising to at least 87 million and it will probably continue to grow.

As much as I love Panera’s soups and sandwiches, the way it deals with security vulnerabilities leaves much to be desired. If companies continue to behave like this, researchers will stop reporting vulnerabilities and the impact to the company will be much worse.

Anytime we make a tool for law enforcement, we must assume that it will be used by criminals, or in this case spies. Once a technology is available to anyone, it is available to everyone. We need to think about this as the battle over encryption and backdoors continues to be fought.

I like to end things on a fun note, so if you are going to be walking through a jungle you may not want to wear “Obsession for Men” unless you like the attention of cougars, and not the human kind.

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