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Friday, January 19, 2018

There is no edge…

I remember early in my career that when it came to security you had to protect the edge. You put in a firewall, then you would put in an IDS as we moved forward, and everything was about the edge. It was a castle model. Basically, we built the walls, the moats and all number of protections to keep the invaders out. I don’t need to rehash all of this because it has been talked about before.

Move forward to the last few years and the edge has dissolved. We have kept up our walls and protections but our business has moved beyond our walls. Our business is done in the fields, and other towns and castles, or all the way across the world. The invaders don’t need to come to our gates anymore, we take our treasures to them, in the shape of our mobile and cloud connected devices.

This week a new malware campaign, Skygofree, hit the news wire and it was completely focused on mobile endpoints. As I was reading different reports about the malware I thought about how easy we have made it for the invaders.

We built our defenses, but haven’t trained our people who were inside the gates how to defend themselves, or even what to look for in an attack. We gave our people access to our resources from anywhere in the world, but not the tools (mental or digital) to protect them. Then we wonder why we were breached.

The digital world continues to move forward at break neck speeds and our protections continue to dwell in the dark ages. Until we wake up to the new reality that there is no edge, we are leaving ourselves ripe for pillaging.

Train your users, build protections into your mobile workforce devices, and keep an eye to the future as there will be new, emerging technologies that will change our protection landscape again before we know it.

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