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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Teaching the next generation

I was invited to be a guest at the University of Colorado to teach a networking class about Network Security. It was interesting to see how diverse the class was. You had the different groups you expect to find in a normal college classroom. The people there to learn, the people who think they already know everything you are talking about, and the people that are just trying to get a credit. There was also someone’s wife who was just hanging out with her husband.

There is a lot to cover under the umbrella of Network Security so I had to slim down what I went over. I went over vulnerability assessment, intrusion detection, social engineering, network access control, 802.1x and then gave some war stories.

I think that the next time I teach a class I will just build out one large scenario and then go over the security you would need to protect each section. I think it would be easier for the students to see how it all comes together to form a secure network environment.

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