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Monday, March 7, 2016

Another year, another RSA conference…

As another RSA conference comes to an end and we all cycle back into our lives, I am glad I was able to attend so that I could meet with old friends and walk the floor to see how large our industry has become.

It is incredible how many vendors there are, and how many of them claim to solve the same problem. With so many companies that offer Threat Intelligence and the ability to protect against Advanced threats, it is a wonder we haven’t solved this whole Information Security thing by now. The truth is though, most of these companies are just putting new branding around old technology and hoping no one notices.

One positive change I saw was the number of companies offering training services to help make more people proficient in the Cyber. There is a severe lack of talent in this space, and with the continuing growth and maturation of the cybercrime industry, we need all the help we can get.

One interesting note is the head of the NSA saying Data Distortion is one of the three things keeping him up at night. It is good that intentional data manipulation is getting the discussion it deserves. After the OPM (Office of Personnel Management) breach I had many conversations about the effects it would have, not just on the information that was stolen, but on what information could be trusted after that type of breach. With the rise of Cyber Espionage, data breaches may be less about what they take, and more about what they add or modify. I am guessing that Data Integrity products (read: Encryption) will be the next products to get a makeover and re-branding.

I guess we will see if I am right at RSA next year, or maybe even Black Hat this year.

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