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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

McAfee reacts to industry questioning

Well it was only a matter of time but after members of the security community questioned McAfee’s reaction to Operation Shady Rat (what marketing person came up with that?), McAfee has responded.

I find it interesting that after sitting on the information until the Black Hat USA conference to get as much marketing splash as possible that they were shocked when the industry didn’t find the attack that surprising or new. It was a persistant attack by an organized group, possibly a nation-state, that utilized a botnet (Yes, McAfee, Kaminsky was right in calling it a botnet).

There was nothing new in the report and that is why the industry responded. Calling everything an APT may make national news but it doesn’t make the attack new or different. If you want industry collaboration then don’t make it all about the marketing, make it about the information.

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