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Friday, October 29, 2010

Bredolab botnet neutered, not dead yet

Dutch authorities in conjunction with network security organizations have taken control of and started dismantling 143 command and control servers used by the Bredolab botnet. The Bredolab botnet had infected an estimated 30 million computers during its time and was reportedly used in a phishing scam last year against Facebook users.

A 27 year old suspect was arrested a little while later after trying to regain control of the botnet and then trying use it to DDOS the web hosting firm Leaseweb that was being used by the hacker.

While the majority of the CnC servers have been taken offline there are still some alive and kicking.

One of the more interesting pieces to me is that the Fox-IT team who is working with the Dutch authorities, are contacting the infected machines users when they log on of the infection and how to remedy it. At the posting of this over 100,000 users have been notified.

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