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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Good morning

Writing is something that I have always enjoyed. Whether it was books as a child or a journal as I grew up, I have always found peace in it. Writing a blog made sense to me but I don’t believe I have kept up my end of the bargain.

Through irregular posts and linking to stories that I have found interesting without adding much value to the conversation I have made this blog boring and empty. I am going to try and change that though.

While I will still be commenting on stories that I find interesting, specifically related to Information Security, privacy and maybe a splash of comic books or legos to boot, I am going to try and add value to the conversation.

Well, here it goes….

Why is Information Security so important to me? Why do I find it so exciting that not only have I made it my career but also my hobby outside of office hours?

I believe the answer is in my general love for all things competitive. When I was a child I wasn’t a very competitive person. I enjoyed playing games but was not really into sports. This changed in my teen years and I developed a love of games and competition. Whether it was who could clean a table fastest among my bus boy coworkers or who could run the fastest or throw the farthest among my other friends it was all a game and I loved it.

I feel that Information Security is like this. It is a game that we are playing all of the time against outsiders, insiders and ourselves. We have to protect our networks and data from elite hackers to receptionists who love Facebook and Twilight. You don’t get to stop playing this game when you go home and you have to make sure you are always learning how to play the game better, faster and know more than you did the day before. Your opponents don’t take days off and neither can you (figuratively).

There is also so much to learn. I have a thirst for knowledge and Information Security is an ever changing cornucopia of it. There is never a lack of new things to learn or research, and things to do to make yourself and your network more secure. From day to day the landscape changes and you have to be on top of your game or you will lose.

These are some of the reasons why I love Information Security. Why do you love it?

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