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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Education isn’t just about teaching, you have to be able to learn and want to learn

Almost to add on my previous (or a previous) post I think one of the big things stopping people from moving to a more secure OS or infrastructure is the desire to not learn. It is really easy to sit back in our ignorance and blame outside sources for our security faults. What would the insurance company say if your house was robbed and they found out you left the doors and windows open all the time, even when you weren’t there. Your answer better not be “Well I didn’t know better.” They may not reimburse much if it is.

In our technology filled world it is no different. Being ignorant is no longer acceptable. If people are unwilling take the time to learn how to “lock their doors” then they are going to have to come to grips with getting hacked. I don’t mean that the hacker is not to blame but if you leave the sandwich on the counter, there is a good chance the dog will eat it.

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