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Monday, August 18, 2008

Is a DOS attack Cyberwar?

With the recent conflict between Russia and Georgia (not the US state although that would make things very, very interesting if it was) there is a lot of debate on what is cyber war. There is an article today on CNN.com that discusses potential cyberattacks on US infrastructure. There was another article somewhere, I forget where now, that talked about hackers as terrorists and DOS attacks as cyberwarfare. What constitutes a cyberattack? I mean, I know what should but what do government officials think cyberwarfare is? Defacing a website? Maybe throwing a few packets someones way? If we are so worried about hackers knocking out our power then why is the grid still open to those types of attacks? It seems like we as a country talk a lot about all of the ways we can be attacked and then we put in false security measures to make the masses feel safer. Airport security anyone?

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