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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A hospital knows all about access control

I was recently at the hospital for an extended period of time and found that they really had a great Access Control solution. The solution I am talking about is their physical solution for the maternity ward specifically. Every time you wanted to enter or exit the ward you had to buzz in and out and have someone check to make sure you weren’t smuggling babies. And if you want to take your baby out you need to be checked and double checked to make sure your wrist strap has the same ID as the baby you are smuggling. What if your office had someone that checked you in in the morning and out in the evening to make sure you had the same things you came in with? Sounds a little far fetched and not time or cost efficient but don’t be surprised to see your company move a little closer to being big brother with all of the headlines talking about insider threats.

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